Month: March 2020

  • Pets and the Pandemic.Do they know?

    Pets and the Pandemic.Do they know?

    Animals are not affected physically by the CV19 virus. But are they affected mentally by it? I think they know something is going on. We are half way through a 14 day self isolation after returning from Florida. Our little dog June has enjoyed getting out with us for longer walks and she likes having…

  • When the big things feel out of control…

    When the big things feel out of control…

    “When the big things feel out of control focus on what you love right under your nose.” Charlie Mackesy from The Boy, the mole,the fox and the horse.

  • Distance and Distancing

    Distance and Distancing

    Physical distancing or self isolation has given me an opportunity to do things I do not normally do like going for long walks down our road with my husband and our puppy June. The morning was rainy but in the afternoon it was dry and we set off. The air was much warmer than the…

  • Canada Geese. The Secret Police!

    Canada Geese. The Secret Police!

    They see us and they report back….

  • Biasini Speaks: I’m Safe!

    Biasini Speaks: I’m Safe!

    Hello again Dear Humans! I know that you humans have a thing where you say that you are marking yourself safe when there is something dangerous happening. Well, we horses don’t exactly know what is going on with you Humans but we know you are all pretty knotted up about it. It started that weekend…

  • Walking…to keep our sanity.

    Walking…to keep our sanity.

    The weather has turned fractionally warmer and we were able to set out without our arctic jackets. I am so grateful for living in the country and being able to get outside. Once outside I can hear birdsong and breathe fresh air. It helps me to think that this Covid-19 crisis will not last forever…

  • A river runs beneath the ice.

    A river runs beneath the ice.

    Hope springs eternal!

  • Isolation Day Three

    Isolation Day Three

    Yesterday was day 3 of our isolation/quarantine after returning from Florida to Canada. My horse Biasini has remained in Florida so I do not have any horsey stories for you today. My husband David and I have established a routine of a morning walk and an afternoon walk. For the morning walk we went south…

  • Postponed! Tokyo 2020 will now be in 2021.

    Postponed! Tokyo 2020 will now be in 2021.

    I am sure that athletes all over the world will be disappointed to see the Olympics postponed for a year. But I suspect they will also be relieved. This past winter season in Florida I interviewed the Canadian dressage riders who were competing with the goal of making the Canadian Team. I have not communicated…

  • I am not elderly. I'm a Queen-Ager!

    I am not elderly. I'm a Queen-Ager!

    The CDC in the US has advised the”elderly” to stay at home as much as possible to avoid the corona virus. And how old is “elderly”? Sixty! 60 years old. Well FGS that means at 70 almost 71 I must have at least one foot in the grave! I am in denial about my age.…

  • "Call them and tell them you love them."

    "Call them and tell them you love them."

    What matters most in the time of Covid 19.

  • You’ve Got to Laugh!

    You’ve Got to Laugh!

    In times like this when chaos, confusion and a mass panic of toilet paper buying it is necessary to possess some sangfroid and the ability to laugh. Humor can be a lifesaver! So here goes… 1….How many groom assistants does it take to get Coach Luis Reteguiz Denizard into the ring on Biasini? FOUR! Here…