‘Brilliant’ or ‘Real Life’?

“Which horse will I get today?” That was what I asked myself when I arrived at the barn today. You can never be 100% certain with horses. This past week my horse Biasini had been a couple of different horses. We have cold weather and that means he will always have a lot of energy….

Naig — Animals in Scots #12 — Jez Braithwaite

Jez Bratihwaite has an ongoing series of posts on the Scots words for various animals. Very entertaining and I had to share this one …the Naig! Check out Jez’ blog to see more animals names . Hi all 😁 Naig (horse) is today’s animal in Scots. Naig — Animals in Scots #12 — Jez Braithwaite

Color Your World Chestnut

It will not come as a surprise, to anyone who knows me, that the Chestnut in my World is my beautiful horse Biasini. Biasini is a huge part of my life and I am grateful for him every day. When I saw that Tourmaline’s Color Your World challenge was Chestnut and Copper it was easy…

July 20,1982 Terrorism strikes the Cavalry Blacks

Originally posted on HorseAddict:
When my friend Winston is on guard duty at Horse Guards, he will leave the Knightsbridge Barracks with the other Cavalry Blacks at 10:30 am. They walk through Hyde Park, past Buckingham Palace, up the Mall and turn into the Horse Guards Parade for the Changing of the Horse Guards.  On…

What Have I Been Up To?

I know that Biasini has “spoken” about all the fun he was having while I was away in London. I am back now and very happy to know he was enjoying life while I was away. I have posted about some of the things I saw in London; the Chihuly glass sculptures in Kew Gardens,…