“Horse Behavior and Training” Book Review

I have just finished the second day of the Linda Tellington clinic. Biasini and I had a wonderful time today. Tomorrow is the final day and I will get a post up about it next week.


“He’s spooking to get out of the work! Just kick on! KICK ON!”   I have heard that, or something similar dozens of times. Dozens of times I have done it myself. I just kicked on.  But it does not work for every horse and my horse Biasini is one of the horses it does not work for.


Two years ago when I bought Biasini from Belinda Trussell she told me it did not work for him and I took that to heart. She also recommended a book: Horse Behavior and Training by Linda Tellington-Jones. Belinda had done Tellington work with Biasini and found it had made a huge difference to him. He is a talented and generous horse but had suffered from nervousness caused by any change in his visual surroundings. If there was a new chair in the arena or the judge’s tent flaps in the show ring this…

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  1. Sagittarius Viking Avatar

    I can’t wait to read that post!!!

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