Solving problems before they become issues!

I think that anyone who watches this video will enjoy it whether or not they ride, or have a horse, or even know any horses. This video is of German Olympian Isabel Werth riding Emilio, in the Grand Prix Freestyle, at the German Dressage Championships. Isabel is the most decorated equestrian in the world and holds no less than three top places in the FEI Dressage World Rankings. She is number 1 with Weihgold, number 2 with Bella Rose and number 5 with Emilio. But never mind all that. Look at this video and just enjoy!

I loved that freestyle ride. The music was fun, the degree of difficulty in the movements was very high and it looked to me that Emilio was enjoying every minute of it . They won the class with an 88%.

Why is Isabel such a good rider? It would be easy to say it is because she has natural talent and she has a sponsor who provides her with exceptional horses. But the truth is it goes way beyond that. She is a good rider and a successful one because she never allows a second to go by without being aware of the fact that her actions are training her horse. Every Single Second! I wrote a post last year about her approach to riding and how she is a consequent rider. She is always observing a logical sequence when she rides. She is solving problems before they become issues. This is how she trains at home. This is how she warms up before going into the competition arena. So when she is riding a test or a freestyle like this one she and her horse are on the same page. The horse knows exactly what her aids mean and what must be done.

Earlier this week I posted a quote on the Horse Addict Leueen page on Facebook. It speaks to the fact that our horses are responding to us when we ride them. If they do not do exactly what we want we should ask ourselves first if we have given them the right instruction. Have we been clear with our direction to them?

Isabel Werth gives her horse the best information. Always! I have learned that the information I provide is the most important aspect of my training with Biasini. I must be clear and I must be quick! I cannot be coasting along allowing Biasini to decide what it is that I want and then give me what he thinks is best. I have to work to be a consequent rider. I have to solve problems before they become issues.


9 responses to “Solving problems before they become issues!”

  1. Photography Journal Blog Avatar

    So just makes me wonder what horses think of music? I know that’s not at all the point of what you are writing about, but it just seems like this horse likes this music?

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Some horses have strong opinions about music. British Olympian Laurs Tomlinson had a horse in the 2012 Olympics who was very picky about the music and they had to play it for him to make sure he would like it before they chose the music.

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      1. Emma Cownie Avatar

        I never thought about the horses having opinions about music!

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      2. Photography Journal Blog Avatar

        That is really interesting. I guess not a complete surprise but I honestly had never even thought about it.

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  2. map195 Avatar

    nice share anne

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  3. roamingridersite Avatar

    I think being a proactive rider versus a reactive one is the hardest thing for me to learn right now.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I hear you!! Same for me but I am getting more moments now so hang in there.


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