The warmth of a smile 😊

Originally posted on Popsicle Society:
“All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.” – Chris Hart Such a simple gesture but so difficult to do sometimes. But remember that it doesn’t cost you anything. Smile and be happy! 😃  Photo credit: Pixabay-smiling donkeys

Those hooves!

Not feet, not paws, not claws but hooves. Big hooves that belong to Biasini’s friend Khan. I chose the photos of Khan’s hooves for Cee’s Black and White photo challenge this week. And here is Khan. All 18 hands high of him!

I’m not singing in this rain!

“Well, we have to stay positive. ” the chirpy young woman said as she served my bowl of split pea soup. I thanked her and agreed . Yes we must stay positive. But I did not feel positive. It was raining, again, and cold, again. A high of only 7 Celsius on May 13 is…

Warmth in the Sunday Stills

Warmth can refer to the physical temperature and to the atmosphere in a social situation. This has been a cold spring here in Ontario and we have had little warmth. The birds waiting to get to our feeders are puffing up to keep warm. Some are here in their breeding plumage but the spring warmth…

The Weight of the Reins

How much do your reins weigh? Well this could be a deeply metaphorical image for getting your life under control but fear not….I am just talking about the reins in your hands when you ride a horse. In dressage the ultimate goal is to have the contact with the horse so light that you only…