Biasini Speaks: Trill Eeums and Cakes

Hello Dear Humans! The other day it was nice and sunny so we went out to the forest. Ma Leueen was very excited when she saw lots of Trill Eeums. They are little plants with white flowers and they grow all over the ground in the forest. Ma Leueen took a photo of them. Ma…

Remembering the War Horses

Originally posted on Tuesday's Horse:
The War Horse is a memorial to the Civil War horse, designed by Tessa Pullan of Rutland, England, and given to the historical society by Paul Mellon. Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in…


Aerial is the Travel With Intent One Word Sunday Challenge. Usually “aerial” is a photo taken from above but I am responding with some horses who are “aerial”.

There but for the grace of God.

As I turned the car into the parking lot opposite the hospital I could hear it. That unmistakable thump, thump, thump,thump,thump. I parked the car and it got louder. It was right overhead. The helicopter. My husband and I got out of the car.It was landing on the roof of the hospital. Someone had got…

Memorial Day For Equines

Originally posted on The Green Horseman:
Memorial Day in the United States takes place on the last Monday in May to honor and remember the fallen soldiers of our armed forces.  While we honor our fallen we must also remember that humans were not the only ones who served during wartime. Today’s society uses horses…

The warmth of a smile 😊

A smile is often all you need. Popsicle Society “All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.” – Chris Hart Such a simple gesture but so difficult to do sometimes. But remember that it doesn’t cost you anything. Smile and be happy! 😃  Photo credit: Pixabay-smiling donkeys View original post

Those hooves!

Not feet, not paws, not claws but hooves. Big hooves that belong to Biasini’s friend Khan. I chose the photos of Khan’s hooves for Cee’s Black and White photo challenge this week. And here is Khan. All 18 hands high of him!