Monday Minstrel: Quote

“The history of Mankind is carried on the back of a horse.”    Author Unknown Once the horse was domesticated and humans learned to ride a new world opened up. No  longer limited to transporting ourselves on our two legs  we could traverse continents on horses.  Battles were not longer scrapping about on the ground…

Biasini Speaks: Can You See What I See?

Hello Dear Humans, I don’t think my human, Ma Leueen, has told you about the show we were at last weekend.  She’s been pretty busy with her offspring visiting. Humans call them children even when they are completely grown up. Anyway, this female human is called her “daughter” and she has an offspring of her…

Monday Minstrel: Quote

    ” To ride or not to ride?  This is a stupid question.”    Brandy Michelle   Many thanks to  Connie Gee for this lovely photo taken at the RCRA on July 1, 2017

Equus Soap: Product Review Update

This is the second of my review updates in honor of Canada Day Weekend.  This is another Canadian company that makes products for horses and humans.  First of all I would like to update my review of Equus Soap Co. Bit Balm. Since trying this product for my review I have continued to use it….