Transmogrify! A horse or a……

The weekly photo challenge arrived at such an appropriate time. I took a photo of a horse as it went past me in the arena.



Then it came around again. I took another photo. The horse transmogrified.






6 responses to “Transmogrify! A horse or a……”

  1. Photography Journal Blog Avatar

    I like that second shot a lot.


    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I had fun with that. Because I caught the moment when his mane was flying up the silhouette looks wild!

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      1. Photography Journal Blog Avatar

        Yes, I feel like you caught that at the perfect moment 🙂


  2. Transmogrify: Autumn | What's (in) the picture? Avatar

    […] Transmogrify! A horse or a…… – HorseAddict […]


  3. nathaswami Avatar

    Thank you Ms Leueen, I learnt a new word ! Any horse is majestic in appearance. This horse has fascinated me. Usually I like chestnut.


    1. anne leueen Avatar

      My own horse is a chestnut. This one is a black with white legs. I think the chestnut is the easiest to keep clean. Blacks show the dust and Grey’s show everything!

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