Thank you to all the lesson horses

The lesson horses. The schoolies. Did you start on a schoolie? I did. This is a lovely tribute to those horses.

Patrick & Oats

Lesson horses do so much, they let us ride them when we’re still learning; gripping with our knees, pulling on there mouths, bouncing out of time with their gaits. They are the ones who taught us how to fall and how to fly. They do all this over and over again with little more than a pat and maybe a carrot at the end.

They are the ones who give all us equestrians our start so today I’m saying thank you to Patrick who has had such an impact on me and my life, Bindi the little grey pony who was the first to steal my heart, Obi the first pony I fell off and every other lesson horse I’ve had the honour of riding. Because it is an honor, there’s this quote that floats around on Pinterest that I’m reminded of now: I dont care if you won a…

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