That Olympic controversy 

The Olympic controversy involves accusations of animal cruelty against Adelinde Cornellissen. This blog post is a sane, sensible and well written reflection on all the hysteria. Also there are two interesting links that provide extra information. Well worth reading the entire piece.

Patrick & Oats

Add rollkur the dirty word of dressage, an injured or sick horse and a half completed Olympic dressage test and you get a story that has taken on a mind of its own on the Internet and social media leading to cries of animal abuse and dirty tactics.

In the first story I read Adelinde Cornelissenhad bravely retired during her test due to her horse Parzival’sbad health. It was reported that he had a reaction to a bug bite of some kind that left his face swollen and with a high temperature a few days before and despite her teams best efforts wasn’t in perfect health on the day of competition. As the Dutch alternate rider did not travel to Rio and Parzivalseemed OK in the warm up it was decided he would compete. During the test it became clear that Parzivalwas not well and Cornelissen retired.

Read her statement…

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